New GW 40k Teaser – Planetary Onslaught Arriving Soon!

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Warhammer 40k’s newest supplement, Planetary Onslaught is on the way for sure now. Come see the latest details in Games Workshop’s teaser!

Gw dropped this teaser on us late last night:
Source GW (Facebook):



So, while no one knows what will be in the new supplement for sure (besides GW), there are plenty of ways to try to guess.


Here is what we DO know:

It’s a Supplement for sure

It Contains 29 datasheets

Goes on Pre-Order Nov 12th



Astute hobbysist Kanluwen complied this list of all the fortifications out there, and when you add in the newest one it totals 29:

1 Aegis Defense Line

2 Imperial Bastion

3 Imperial Strongpoint(Fortification Network)

4 Honoured Imperium

5 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Line

6 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Emplacement

7 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker

8 Wall of Martyrs Firestorm Redoubt

9 Wall of Martyrs Vengeance Weapon Battery

10 Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defense Network(Fortification Network)

11 Promethium Relay Pipes

12 Void Shield Generator

13 Void Relay Network(Fortification Network)

14 Skyshield Landing Pad

15 Fortress of Redemption

16 Macro-Cannon Aquila Strongpoint

17 Vortex Missile Aquila Strongpoint

18 Munitorum Armoured Container Cache

19 Plasma Obliterator

20 Tidewall Shieldline

21 Tidewall Droneport

22 Tidewall Gunrig

23 Tidewall Gunfort(Fortification Network)

24 Tidewall Defense Network(Fortification Network)
24 of those are the items that are currently directly referenced as Fortifications. I included, in my initial counts as I think they will likely make an appearance, the Basilica Administratum, Manufactorum, Shrine of the Aquila, and the Sanctum Imperialis despite currently being labeled as “Battlefield Terrain” rather than Fortifications.


25 Basilica Administratum

26 Manufactorum

27 Shrine of the Aquila

28 Sanctum Imperialis

With the Haemothrope Reactors, we’re at 29…so most likely I think the Haemothrope Reactors will be rolled into an existing Fortification Network.

29 Datasheets in the new supplement, and here is a solid count of 29 current formations (and formation like kits). Coincidence, maybe not?

Will this replace 6th Edition’s Stronghold Assault? Take a look at the list above and drop what you think in the comments below!

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