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By Rob Baer | November 26th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Checkout the rumored rules and stats are for the brand new Thousand Sons Marines from the upcoming Wrath of Magnus supplement release!

It looks like the Thousand Sons stand ready to spit hot fire at their accursed enemies if these rules prove to be true. Add salt to taste, but if these are really coming from Hastings, he is usually spot on!

Source: Bolter&Chanisword




WOW that IS some hot fire! Look at that firepower, and the average of damage output per squad as well.

From this it looks like basic troops are at that mid range points similar to Deathwatch, clocking in at under 30 per man for the five man unit.

Then it’s all about getting them safely into range to use their elite level firepower. But at comparable points to Deathwatch, these guys are still clocking in around 250 kitted out with a transport. Plus they are harder to deploy because right now Chaos doesn’t have as many option as the Deathwatch there.

new thousand sons chaos weapons

Inferno Boltguns, the return of AP3?

The Termies on the other hand may prove to be tanks and the basis of future deathstars in that can just take ridiculous amounts of firepower and emerge unscathed. Sure they’re slow, they’re meant to be right? However once in range they will do some work with their guns. Plus you can hide non wargear upgraded Cabal sorcerers in there too!

Seems like Chaos has way more tactic options starting now. But don’t forget there are 8 more legions to get rules here soon as well, and who knows what crazyness will ensue when the Traitors Legions book drops!

Plus technically these rumors, if true, also hint at 30k rules for the XV Legion as well in Horus Heresy.

Thousand Sons wrath of magnus

Checkout how these rumors compare to our predictions last week:

As a matter of fact I would expect the majority of the points and mechanics of the new Thousand Sons to mirror the format of the Deathwatch actually, as they have proven to be the best way to field “elite” troops en masse as a cohesive army.

What do you think of these rumors? I guess technically they also hint at upcoming rules for the XV Legion in their 30k rules as well?

GW curse of magnus

Latest on the new Thousand Sons Model Releases & Rules

What new legion’s rules are you most excited for?

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