The Iron Men of 30k – New Ursarax Unboxing

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Did someone say close combat? The Ursarax are coming in hot and ready to cut your army to shreds. Come see these Iron Men of 30k!

It’s been a solid two years since we got the rules for the Ursarax, a lot of people have been converting them, but now these guys are out and they’re amazing. Plus they have really cool talons like the Raven Guard Furies.

I’m a big fan of the instructions we’ve been getting from Forge World; this is a pretty recent development and I’m super happy these are included.


I’m really digging the chest piece too! They have their Volkite incinerators built into the chest and it just blasts out from there just like Iron Man which I think is really cool. They have really awesome jet packs too, because they are after all jump troops and fast attack. It’s also hard to tell but they are terminator sized and like them, they don’t get to sweeping advance.


They come with a ton of little bits from claws to fists to hoses and of course three 40mm bases. The details of course are amazing, and you can pose them in a ton of different ways.


To get the full scoop on the rules for these guys please press play on the video below!


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