Top 10 Things People Want From Generals Handbook 2

By Felix Fimbres | November 30th, 2016 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Editorial

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Ere we go! Ere we go! Read on true believers about the top 10 things we want from the General’s Handbook 2!

Ladies and Orruks, it’s Soap Box Time! Today, we’re talking about the second edition of the Generals Handbook.

It’s easy to be hard, it’s hard to be easy.

Please, Please, Please, keep it simple. You have a great game. It’s tight and clean. Don’t mess with it too much. Please, please, please, keep all the special rules and such on the war scrolls.

Base to Base


Honestly I don’t think that square bases versus round bases is a big deal. Yes, I can always squeeze in a few more models but this is easily countered by adding a bit more reach, like .25 inches, so that we can have two rows. A full inch would be fine too.





More objectives. More missions. Anything that keeps us out of a scrum in the middle of the pitch. Vandus agree’s, you can’t deny Mr. Hammerhand!

Points Tweaking

Some units, like gore-grunats, are a bit underwhelming. Some units, like Kurnoth Hunters, are a bit overwhelming because the benefits of shooting and the double turn.

Alternating shooting

I love the combat phase. I want more of it. It’s more interactive; activation means something. I have to make choice. It’s simple and genius and I want to give the person or people who came up with it a high-five. To that end, lets bring it over to the shooting phase. No one wants to endure two rounds of shooting while your army gets blown to pieces; it’s not fun.

Random Initiative

So much ink has been spilled (keys have been typed) about this. I like it. It adds an element of drama. Some people hate it. It can make people feel bad, mostly when shooting armies hit you twice.

Look out Sir!

There are a lot of shenanigans that use this rule in 40k. Character units are hyper resilient with a mob of people around him. I don’t want this. Conversely, characters in AoS are weak and easily singled out by shooting armies. I think attaching them to units might be a bit much, but a once per player turn for particularly brutal attacks would be nice. You can keep your leaders protected behind a wall of chaff against melee but there’s nothing to help out characters from shooting attacks.


Lastly, how about a skirmish, Kill Team style set of rules?

Bonus Round



Spiral Binding! Pull out Sheets! Genius! Games Workshop, let’s make this happen.

To sum it up: I love your game. I love that it’s not a college course. I’m digging the melee phase. The combo of random initiative and the shooting phase can be a bit brutal. Give me more. Please and thank you.

-with Love from Megaboss Rargrak

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