4 New Formations For Warhammer 40k REVEALED

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Come see the big four new formations for Warhammer 40k that come inside this holiday’s battleforce bundles deals! Don’t miss this!

Big deals are coming along with the new supplement itself. Here’s what we’ll be seeing just before the holidays!


The new Battleforce sets will retail for $170, a savings of nearly $100 a box or about 30% off retail (MSRP).

If you’ve been eyeing Age of Sigmar checkout that Slyvaneth battleforce, at over 40% off!

40k Battleforces break down to:

  • Space Wolves: Dreadnought, 15 Grey Hunters (updated count to 15), 5 Terminators, 5 Fenrisian Wolves, Stormwolf Flyer, Iron Priest: $289
  • Deathwatch:  5 Bikes, 5 Terminators, 15 Deathwatch Kill Team, Razorback, Watch Commander: $282
  • Tau: 3 Stealth Suits, Ghostkeel, Devilfish, Broadside, 10 Pathfinders, Commander: $275
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: 2 Kastelan Robots + Priest, 3 Kataphron, 5 Electro Priest, 5 Infiltrators, Ironstrider. $263

And here are the four new formations that are in each of the above box sets courtesy of Scanner:

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-19 unnamed

Overall this seems like another indicator that times are a changing at Games Workshop in 2016, and I for one am ready to welcome our new Hobby Overlords in 2017!


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