By The Power of Greyskull – New Pads From Maxmini

greyskull shoulder pads

These new Greyskull Shoulder Pads might be exactly what your Space Marine army is missing to make it look as epic as possible!

Make your Space Marine army look extra epic with the new Greyskull Shoulder Pads from Maxmini!

Source: Maxmini

Greyskull Shoulder Pads: 6.99€

greyskull shoulder pads greyskull shoulder pads greyskull shoulder pads

This kit contains 10 shoulder pads designed to fit 28mm “heroic” miniatures. Cast in high quality resin. Supplied unpainted.

We aren’t really sure if these shoulder pads would fit better on the tactical size marines or terminators. It is hard to judge from the picture so if anyone gets these pads let us know the exact size!

Head over to Maxmini and get your Greyskull Shoulder Pads today! While you’re there make sure to check out all the other bits and minis available!

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