More Sisters of Battle Coming – GW’s New Made to Order Confirmed!

By Rob Baer | December 7th, 2016 | Categories: Made To Order, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Games Workshop is bringing back a grip of Sisters of Battle, and Imperial Agent models in their Made to Order service for next week! Come see the new lineup of MTO miniatures!

There is a retro wind blowing out of Nottingham again, and it’s bringing all the old Imperial Agent models you missed out on from back in the day.

Source GW (Salisbury)


December 10th sees the next Made to Order batch!
We have
Inquisitor with Power Sword
Inquisitor with Plasma Pistol
Daemon host 2
Seraphim Battlesister
Assassin with Combi-Weapon (last available with old Skulls Promo!)
Confessor Kyrinov
Missionary with Plasma Gun
Preacher with Sword
Preacher with Laspistol

Sensing an Imperial Agents Theme!

Available to Order for 1 Week only!

made to order imperial agents

Boom, more agents to help corral the forces of Chaos that are sure to be popping up all over the place this holiday!

That OOP assassin from the 1980’s is on my list. Who is on yours?

Loyal Imperial servants, get ready to que up at GW stores, and their website soon if you want a chance at these models!

GW’s Made to Order Discussion

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