New Character Plastic Prices Spiraling Out Of Control Already?

khorne chaos kharn wal

What’s going on with the pricing for the new plastic Character model kits that Games Workshop has been re-releasing since Kharn the Betrayer?

This fall GW made all our dreams come true with new sculpts for two old pewter Characters that were nearly 20 years old.  I think we can all agree that the new Kharn and Ahriman both are fantastic models that hold true to their first versions all those years ago:

Checkout these sketches by Jes Goodwin enclosed in the new Index Chaotica:

ahirman jes godwin kharn jes godwin

Which gave rise to these fantastic new miniatures from yesteryear and today.

ahriman new model

And Kharn himself:

40k-kharn-model-by-gw kharn

But is there a price for this kind of progress? Checkout how the retail for these new mini has been steadily escalating witch each successive release:

Kharn 2016 (Single Mini) MSRP: $35

Ahriman 2016 (Single Mini with Disc Option) MSRP: $40

And now were hearing rumors that the new Celestine may be a whopping $60

Saint Celestine and the Geminae Superia (Three model kit) $60?

Saint Celestine and the Geminae Superia

Does a price a $60 make sense? In theory it may make perfect sense, at least to GW. Checkout the pricing on these kits that are similar in nature:


Exalted Sorcerers $60


Tyranid Broodcoven $60

With the ladder featuring one “oversized” miniature flanked by two smaller ones.

So what do you think about the pricing of the new Character re-makes now? Is the price creeping ever so upwards worth it? Are we getting our money’s worth on these minis?


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  • vash113

    I really don’t get the point of this article. Ahriman has a mount option that makes the kit considerably larger than a standard character model, hence a higher price. The broodcoven and exalted sorcerers are three model kits, and now the new and improved and quite large Celestine and her two bodyguards are only 60? That’s 20 a model, technically these characters are cheaper than the single model clam-packs, if anything the multi-model kits are a better deal at a lower total price-point. Combined with the Deathwatch release and it’s notable price-reductions GW has really been scaling back the price creep we’ve been seeing for years and offering more value, the exact opposite of “spiraling out of control.”

  • I think a lot of these costs reflect the overheads required to cast such technically more detailed models. The material required to build such machines (steel for example) has risen over the past decade, so regardless of the actual cost of the plastic these models must recoup the overheads that have gone into making them.

    These overheads are large with a Land Raider but as its a stock item of the entirety of the Marine range its price point remains low, whereas more niche items require a higher price point to turn a profit once overheads are cleared.

    Could they price it lower? Absolutely. Are they charging criminally high amounts? Absolutely not.

  • BlasterCA

    & ~$25-$30 for a single infantry size model was ok? The line is drawn at $35+? GW prices have been insane for more than a decade now. Probably even longer.

    Blasterwas here…

  • MrDracoSpirit .

    In fairness the sorcerer kit got so many extra bits you can easy make five mages from it with the help of another kit.

  • Dan Wilson

    Here in the UK, Ahriman is a very reasonably priced £25. Compared to certain other plastic characters, such as the DA interrogator chaplain (£18) that represents a totally reasonable price increase. The three sorcerers are £35 which works out at just under £12 a model, let’s say 10,10,15 accounting for the disc mounted one and again that’s totally in line with individual clam pack characters plus as has been said there’s SO many extras left in that kit once you’ve made the first three… So st Celestine @ £35 seems pretty reasonable imho.

  • Noah Jerge

    The price for the St. Celestine kit actually seems pretty reasonable by GW standards.

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