New Melta Bits: Anvil Industry Heavy Fusion Cannon

We love burning for the Emperor, don’t you? Now you can do it too with this new bit from Anvil Industry. Grab a Fusion Gun and charge it up!

Via Anvil Industry

Heavy Fusion Gun $3.13

heavy_fusion_cannon-800x800 heavy-fusion-800x800

“The weapon, arms, fuel cables and fuel cell power plant all cast as one piece, and is compatible with any of our Exo-Lord torso components, which simply slot in through the top and into place, then just add shoulder pads if needed. You can also use similar plastic torsos from other manufacturers with a bit of modification/trimming depending on the shape.”

These Fusion Guns make great alternate bits for a multi melta. Who would you equip this fusion gun to? Gran them for your squads today!

I’m burning for you!

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