New Titan Forge Dropship & Free Krampus Miniature

By Zeb Barrett | December 7th, 2016 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products

titan forge x-5 dropship

A new Dropship just landed from Titan Forge and just might be the exact thing you’re looking for! Check out the new X-5 Dropship!

The new X-5 Dropship from Titan Forge would be a great addition to your army and if you order before Christmas you can get a free Krampus mini!

Source: Titan Forge

X-5 Dropship: 50.00€

titan forge x-5 dropship titan forge x-5 dropship titan forge x-5 dropship titan forge x-5 dropship

This resign set contains enough parts to make one X-5 Dropship model:

1 x Dropship front
2 x Big wings
2 x Small wings
4x  Grav-engines
1x  Interior ceiling
1x  Interior floor
1x  Interior front wall
1x  Interior back wall
1 x Dropship top with engines
1 x Dropship tail
2 x Dropship side doors
4x  landing skid

Scale: 28mm ,  model size : 266mm x 197mm 86mm (about 10 inches long by 8 inches wide and 4 inches tall)

Master model sculpted by Daniel Wysocki

Rush over to Titan Forge and grab one of these dropships before Christmas and get a free Krampus miniature. For more information on Krampus, head over to Titan Forge

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