RUMORS – 5 More Traitor Legions Rules & Psychics Spotted

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Patrons of the Dark Gods unite. Checkout more Chaos Traitor Legion rules and Psychic powers that have been spotted!

The Combat Phase podcast is claiming to not only have the book currently, but has also transcribed it for all the followers of the Dark Gods around the world:

Did this fast as fans cracking the whip behind me so pardon auto spell errors, if any abbreviations don’t make sense ad just ask if you have any questions. Thanks, fans for your support and patience! 🙂
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Disclaimer: I’m not a competitive beat-face player but love themed armies and fluff and when that marries into a playable force I can use on the tabletop I’m happy. I’m also only recently become a CSM player last week with WoM and Thousand Sons release (army already being built and getting some paint). However, I am a Horus Heresy nut and if any of you have listened to this podcast before (Combat Phase podcast) you’ll know how I love me some heresy. If you are looking for new rules for Heresy models from FW or plastic GW HH products then I’m afraid to tell you that is not here.

As I’ve said before, no new models accompany this or the Codex: Imperial Agents books this week or next, however, in 2017, so few weeks away…we should have quite a good first quarter (at the very least). That said, as a Heresy player I’m impressed with most of the flavoring given to these legions. Some like Alpha Legion or Death Guard (my  30K army) or even World Eaters are pretty sweet enemy opinion. But you decide for yourself.
The episode of Combat Phase with this review is coming soon but in the meantime for all who are chomping at the bit..

dark aposotle chaos marine hor

5 Word Bearers – tactical objectives are higher reward for them, I think.

must: no unique, units w/mark already can’t play, though those w/option to upgrade mark may do so, VotLW; same w/psykers & demon Psyk = their gods

gain: unholy pact: possessed are troops; also you harness on 3+ to manifest conjuration from deamon (malefic); Blood Feud: VotLW re-roll hits vs. Ultramines each round but ULTYs hate you; Profane Zeal: WB units w/in 6” of Dark Apostles gain zealots

WT: Zealot or allow zealots to refill to-hit in cc; psyker 1; 1 unit w/in12” gets counterattack, fearless, furious charge, relentless; Adam Will & Fearless; You or friendly w/in12” can add/subtract 1 from the 2nd die in Boon Table; gain immediate boon

-WB relics

  • skull of monarchia (15) bearer & unit can re-roll to-hit rolls in CC vs. armies of imperium, and if vs. ultramarines can also reroll wounds.
  • crown of blasphemer (30) 4+ invuln, adam will, fear
  • malefic tome (10)know 1 additional power from demon(maelific)
  • script of erebus (15) once/game start of any psy phase generate D6 warp charges
  • Baleful iron(15) units must re-roll successful chrages at you/unit and lose bonus charge attack
  • curded Croszius (35) melee S+2, consussive, Bane of Men (you have pref enemy: armies of imperium)


  • Core: chaos warband, L&Damned
  • command: Lord of Legion
  • aux: The 8

obj: your zealots make a charge; your demon kills a unit in assault; kill enemy character; D3VP for successful conjuration; D3 VP if you control obj enemy did; 1VP if you roll on boon table (improves)

chaos_inthe_imperium chaos kharn

6 World Eaters (Blood for the Blood GOD!!!)

must: only Khârn; no psyker scum; only mk Khorne; VotLW, Demons must be of Khorne

gain: Berzerker Horde: Khorne Berz are troops; Blessing Khorne: VotLW have adam will; Butcher’s Nails: VoLW have fearless & furious charge

WT: Rampager; each boon table roll can instead boost attack stat by 1; at end of enemy charge subphase your unit can charge; re-roll hit/wound in challenge; locked in combat gain FnP & Eternal Warrior (yeah baby!); you $ friendly Mk Khorne w/in 8” charge 3D6 & pick highest

WE – relics

  • Talisman of Burning Blood (25) bearer’s unit can move 3” more in move, run and charge;
  • GOREFATHER (30)[S+2, AP2, Armorbane,murderous strike(to-wound 6 = instant death, 2-handed, unwieldy];
  • Crimson Killer (20)pistol 12” S7,AP2,soulblaze;
  • brass collar of Bhorghaster (20) bearer nullify on 4+ to deny. If you nullify that, that psyker suffers perils
  • Bloodfeeder (30) crazy S+1,AP2 axe does 2D6 attacks but each roll of 1 is a wound to you no armor saves;
  • Berzerker’s Glaive (30) S +2 AP3 demon weapon, specialist weapon, 2-handed, melee, epitome of rage (bearer gains FnP & IWND but loses Indep Character rule

army: Blood Mad! after deploy/inflitrate but before 1st player starts turn all non-vehicle units can make immediate 2D6move(roll separate); ALSO non-veh & walkers can always re-roll failed charges

  • coe: haps warband, maelstrom of gore
  • command: Lord of legion
  • aux: 8

obj: deny witch; kill enemy controlling an obj; 3+ your units made charge; kill enemy in challenge (improves); destroy unit (improves); destroy in assault




8 Death Guard (yeah, baby!!) Count the Seven!

must: Typhus only unique; only Nurgle marks; VotLW; DP need Mk Nurgle; psykers can take all from Nurgle

gain: Gift of Nurgle: VotLW gain fearless & FnP but -1 initiative (doesn’t affect Typhus or Plague marines); Inexorable Advance: VotLW get relentless; Lords of Plague Host: Plague Marines are troops

WT: FnP;IWNDie; +1 W; Eternal warrior; improved Poison by 1; units w/in 7” get contagion


  • Puscleaver (10)poison 2+ weapon;
  • plague skill Glothia (15) once/game range 8” S1 AP – assault 1,poison 2+ lg blast
  • Pandemic Staff (30); poison 2+ staff[range template S1 Ap5 assault 1opison 2][melee S+2 AP4, melee, concussive, poison 2];
  • Dolorus Knell (25) start friendly fight sub phase give units fear; give a dude fear,
  • Poxwalker Hive (20) at start of each turn FnP to friendly cultist w/in 7”. can’t run or shot rest of game but have FnP & fearless. & D3 cultists come back to life;
  • Plaguebringer (35) AP3 poison 4+ deamon weapon


army: Disgustingly Resilient: re-roll FnP rolls of 1; Cloud of Flies: ranged hits more than 18” away give you stealth rule for resolving attack

  • core: Chaos wdrbamd; Plague Colony (Typhus + 3-7 plague marines—gain fear & enemy units w/in7” reduce I & WS by 1 in fight phase, if 7 plague marines add -1 Toughness to that)
  • command: Lord of Legion
  • aux: Lost and the Damned + 8

obj: Vp if 3+ your units on enemy table half; make 7 FnP rolls; kill unit w/weapon or psychic power using poisoned; name a IC and VP if he lives; D3Vp if you control EXACTLY 3 obj; kill 7 models (improves)

Access to full discipline of Nurgle 6 + primaris


9 Emperor’s Children

must: only Luciius unique; need mk Slaanesh; only mk Slaamesh; VotLW; psykers & demons can take full from Slaanesh expanded discipline

gain: fueled by sensation: VotLW gain Fearless & FnP6+ (units w/icon of excess make that FnP4+), VotLW if slain n fight sub phase before it swings gets 1 immediate attack; Matsers Kakophoni: Noise Marines are troops

WT: gain Warrior; +2 Init; all 1 to FnP of WL & his unit; Gain Fear & melee opponents take fear on 3D6; +1 attack each team you lose a wound (returns if healed); can auto-pass look out sir!


  • Intoxicating elixir (25) make D3 rolls on combat drugs, cumulative, ;
  • Shriekwave (20) gun 12” S8,AP2, assault D6, mental trauma (before attack target takes ldsh test and f failed you re-roll these to-wound);
  • soul snare Lash (20) soulsnare- (to wound 6 is AP2/instant death) if range( 6” S4 AP5 assault 2, sousnare) or melee S user AP5 melee, soulsnare
  • Endless Grin (10) you have fear, enemies w/in6” -1 leadreship;
  • Bolts of ecstatic vexation (15) bolt weapons gain blast, ignores cover and pinning;
  • Blissgiver (30) AP3 catatonic trance – target must pass ldsh test/wound or die

army: combat drugs! roll after deployment for all your non-vehicles

  • 1- +1 WS
  • 2- +1 BS
  • 3- +1 Init
  • 4- +1 S
  • 5 – +1 T
  • 6- +1 A
  1. core: chaos warband, Kakophani (Lucius or Ch Lord, 3-6 noise marines—get split fire & all sonic weapons gain shred. If take 6 noise marines they also get +1 St guns)
  2. command: lord of legion
  3. aux: lost & damned + 8

obj: destroy enemy w/noise weapons; kill enemy in challenge; kill a unit falling back; Vp per unit fails morale, fear, pinning (max 3); your enemy picks obj marker and D3Vo when you take it; D3 VP if your enemy controls no objectives (improves)

–Nurgle Disciplne

  • primaris: Nurgle’s Rot [1]
  • nova, doesnt affecr mk Nurgle or demon Nurgle S2, AP5, assault D6+1 (Poisone 4+)
  • Weapon Virus malediction 24″ target unit’s gain Gets Hot [1]
  • Fleshy abundance blessing friendly psyker w/in 14″ imediately regain D3 wounds lost earlier
  • Blades of putrefaction blessing range 14″ unit’s melee weapons gain poison 4+, or poison 2+ if they already had 4 [1]
  • Gift of contagion meldeiction enemy w/in 48″ – roll on table to reduce their stats [1]
  • Plague wind witchfire 12″ s1 AP 2, large blast poison 4+ [2]
  • Curse of the Leper friendly or malediction, range 21″, +1 or =1 t strength & tough

-Slaanesh Discipline

  • primaris Sensory overload witchfire 24″ S4, AP4, assault 4, blind, concussive, pinning [1]
  • Hysterical Frenzy blessing 12″ roll on table for bonus Init, str, or att [1]
  • Delightful Agonies blessing 12″ gainFnP4 [1]
  • Symphony of Pain malediction 21″, takes 1 BS and WS from target, any sonic weapons shooting this targeted unit add +1 str (cumulative!) [1]
  • Sonic shockwave nova 9″ S5 AP4 assault D6,pinning, ignores cover [1]
  • Aural Onslaught beam, 18″ S8, AP2 assault 1, menal anguish (before attack, target takes ldsh test and if fails you reroll to-wounds here) [2]
  • Apoplectic Glee witchfire 24″ S-special AP – assault 1, ignores cover, ecstacy (no roll to wound, rather all non-vehicles hit themselves using their own unmodified strength [2]


Again after seeing the new rules for Chaos, I have to say I am impressed. IF true, look to be pretty well balanced and work well with the current Chaos Space Marine codex.

This set of rules was super spicy for sure, with Slaanesh at first glance getting some SERIOUS upgrades for sure. How that will fit in with the current meta is unclear, but it is an amazing start for sure!

Did you also notice that there was very rare instances of things becoming another force organization type? Sure there was the stuff we expected but really this is a collection of formations and detachments for the most part, that can confer troop status to some other types of units that normally would not have it.

It seems like to me they are setting this book up to have life after the edition change, as we could see 8th Edition 40k going to more of a formation type game similar to Age of Sigmar that could only require “Troops” for force organization if you were playing a particular faction (I.E. Iron Warriors).

Plus they did re-use some of the previous formations and wargear we have already seen as well from Traitor’s Hate, etc.

Now the rules themselves for the legions all seem very fluffy and when compared to the current competitive meta really don’t seem “OP” at all. Plus don’t forget you can mis Daemons in where applicable either as allies or formations to said army.

Special Thanks To the Combat Phase for posting this, be sure to give their pocast a listen with it drops.


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