RUMORS: Secrets for the Fall of Cadia Release Revealed

By Rob Baer | December 20th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

sister of battle horz

It looks like Games Workshop was spoiling the new round of minis for weeks before yesterday’s big reveal. Come see more secrets on the Fall of Cadia.

Checkout how the Fall of Cadia, and Disciples of Tzeentch models match up to the last few weeks worth of images from the Rumor Engine.

Wild speculation is of course, encouraged.

First up is the New Sorcerer of Tzeentch on Disk for Age of Sigmar.

New Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch

Notice anything familiar?




Bottom of the Disc?

Next up Archmagos Cawl

Belisarius Cawl

Ringing any bells?

Belisarius Cawl rumor engine


Which I think solves the question of if these are plastic, as you can tell this is a plastic and not resin sprue!

But now we have TWO rumor pics that have no yet surfaced:

Definitely Mechanicus but not Cawl?


And an image that has what looks like Dark Eldar Glyphs with inset soulstones which are very much NOT Dark Eldar.


Note the pattern left, with the grate below from the Venom skimmer:


So if this is a spoiler for the the Dark Eldar, what the heck does do those pointy ears have do to with new Sisters, the Inquisition and Mechanicus you ask?

Well what if that tall character pictured with the Black Templars below has a sinister secret…

templars grey fax dark eldar

Some folks are saying the figure in red may be a Dark Eldar, and while that would explain a lot given the bit of fluff we’re about to reference, what if that mysterious figure is instead a Xantite Inquisitor who frequently use the weapons and artifacts of Chaos etc against itself:

They will use Chaos artifacts, Daemon weapons, dark lore, and other heretical items and knowledge to combat incursions of Chaos, heretics, and aliens. Xanthites have even been known to establish their own Chaos Cults, using the sect to unravel ancient mysteries and lore.

dark eldar or imperial inquisitor

Are those Imperial Eagles, or an optical Illusion? Or is that a caped warrior with Gemstones?

Perhaps they are right, and Greyfax is the Xanthite Inquisitor. and that figure is Dark Eldar warrior of sorts. Either way this picture could be said to depict the following bit of fluff from the Cult Mechanicus Codex:

Desperate Measures
The Tech-Priest custodians at work in the Emperor’s Palace uncover irrevocable failures in the mechanisms of the Golden Throne. A dozen contingency expeditions are immediately launched, including a Xanthite war procession sent through the Exhubris Portal. The Xanthites fight through Harlequins Troups and Daemon hordes alike before reaching their intended destination. In the grave-cold oubliettes beneath Commorragh, a dark bargain is struck

With more on the Exhubris Portal revealed in an self titled passage earlier in the same section of the book as well. Now look back at the image again  from above.

Is this a war procession going though what looks to be a portal?

exhubris portal

Portal or Sky?

One thing is for sure, if true, this would explain all of these previews up to now, and tie together in a nice little bow what looks to be a rats nest of possibilities!

What say ye? Dark Eldar, Inquisitors, Mechanicum, and Templars, all banding together over the Golden Throne? Is this truly the End Times for 40k?


Rumor Engine Picture Latest

What do YOU think this may be?

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