The Last Starfighter? X-Wing G1-A Starfighter: TACTICS

By Barclay Montgomery | December 21st, 2016 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0


Check out this build for the G1-A Starfighter for X-Wing. Not many people use this noble fighter, but maybe this build will change your mind!


The G-1A Starfighter has been overshadowed by ships that require less skill to fly. In the right hands,this ship can be powerful. It is practically a Scum B-Wing, but it has 4 Shields and 4 Hull, as opposed to 5 Shields and 3 Hull. Either way, this ship is versatile with its ability to add crew, sensors, and elite slot all in one.  Let’s get down to this build. I’ve selected a generic pilot at PS 5.

Since this ship has the evade action let’s start with Juke.


Juke gives us the ability to add offense and defense at the same time. The evade token can be used simply to evade and attack or to modify our opponent’s dice. I prefer the later, so let’s focus more on offense. The G1-A has a somewhat limited dial, but we can help to unlock its potential with the right upgrades. Consider Outlaw Tech and Advanced Sensors.


Outlaw Tech is great for the G1-A dial, as there are quite a few red maneuvers. Whenever you execute a red maneuver, assign a focus token to your ship. Since you will lose your action by performing the red maneuver use advanced sensors to grab an evade.

It’s just about the same as using Push the Limit without locking up your elite slot. So whenever you perform your hard 1 turns, advanced sensors evade, grab a focus for your maneuver, and fire away! It’s that simple.

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