The Wolftime Is Here! Forge World Leman Russ UNBOXED!


Come checkout our unboxing of the Lord of Winter and Ruin himself: Leman Russ from Forge World.

Next to Sanguinius I think this model is one of the most hotly anticipated models ever from Forge World. Leman Russ is very popular and it’s great to finally have him to review after all these years.

99560101535_lemanruss02You’ll notice right off the bat that the model comes with instructions just like Corax. Instructions are really important, if you ask me, when you’re looking at all these resin parts and don’t know where to start.

As far as the model itself goes, he’s huge. Of course the model comes with a big ol’ base. It features parts of Prospero type pyramids. It has two major chunks and some sub-chunks f you will that go on top. There is of course great detail throughout the base. You can see the aquila, The Thousand Son’s legion icon, a Mark III Thousand Sons Helmet.


I love this pose. It reminds me of a Achilles in Troy with Brad Pitt where he’s dodging the javelin and going up the big huge guy in the beginning of the move. It’s a great scene and this model is very reminiscent of that awesomeness. There’s a ton of impeccable detail in the talisman, the double wolf backpack, the wolf pelt and tassels it’s also well done.


The Axe and Sword reminds me of He-Man, which I think is great.


Inferno isn’t here yet, hopefully it’ll be out soon, so until then Forge World has released “get you by rules” which we go over in the video and I suggest you check it out.

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