Adeptus Titanicus Getting The Black Book Treatment!

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warlord walpaperCome take a look at some great Adeptus Titanicus artwork from Games Workshop’s New Year Open Day 2017 in Nottingham.

Today’s Warhammer Open day is a kick off for 2017’s celebrations of 30 years of Warhammer 40,000. If you missed the list of exclusives that would be available on the day, be sure to checkout out our compilation post.


Adeptus Titanicus will be getting a Black Book release in 2017! Checkout the artwork that was just spotted at the Open Day

According to J Martin who talked with Andy Hoare the game is done, and will be released this year:

The book is done, the minis are done. Titanicus is going to print next week and will be out this year
They are going to do a big release with boxed game plus extras. They pushed the schedule back a bit to flesh it out more
They have learned from BB that people are lapping Specialist Games up, so are going to get more budget for it

Pictures courtesy of Battle Bunnies:

adeptus titanicus artworks3 adeptus titanicus artworks7 adeptus titanicus artworks10 adeptus titanicus artworks11

What has more firepower than a Space Marine but is the same size as a Dreadknight? TITANICUS!

image - Copy

via Recalcitrant Daze 5-14-2016

Adeptus Titanicus.

However talking to Andy Hoare, Mark Bedford and Chris Drew I can mention the following:

The game is set during the Horus Heresy in the spirit of the original Adeptus Titanicus.
It will begin with just Titans.
The scale will be 8mm – They decided on this scale after 3D printing a Marine, Dread, Leman Russ, Warlord and a Mastodon in three different scales. 8mm was deemed the best as you could see the details to the point of telling different armour marks apart but didn’t make the Titans too big.
8mm will make a Warlord around 6″ tall (that’s what it looked like why Andy Hoare put his hands apart, don’t blame me if the final model is smaller or larger…).
The models will be produced in resin by Forge World.
Typical force may be in the region of two Warlords, two Reavers and two-three Warhounds.
More Titan variants are possible.
Down the road infantry and tanks are to be introduced.
Other forces are also possible, this includes Xenos which can be introduced in a themed expansion, e.g. Adeptus Titanicus: Armageddon to bring in the Orks.
Currently the Titans are being 3D modelled by Chris Drew, the Warlord has been done as the 40k version was originally 3D modelled so it was a case of just scaling things down and getting it to work as a model which can be manufactured.

We may, may, get to see something at the Forge World Open Day…(may, depending on Tony Cottrell)

Now that I think of it, remember this little guy from last year? Guess who was probably one of those mockups mentioned above for the game?

Tiny-Warlord adeptus titanicus warlord titan

For the rest of the pictures head on over to our gallery page and check them out.

open day warhammer jan 2nd 2017

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