Dirty Tips & Tricks to Playing Blood Bowl!

Blood Bowl

Got Blood Bowl? Would you like some advice from a 14-year veteran? Look no further. One of our very own is giving us the rundown on Blood Bowl.

Yo Catz, there was a ton of hype surrounding blood bowl and we were lucky enough to have our Blood Bowl expert, Jeremy, come to the Cat Command Center to explain all the X’s and O’s!


Of course, we have the starter set but Jeremy goes over each unit and has some great advice.


Quick note on the models, no, this isn’t the best we could do, however, we didn’t get an advance copy and we were able to get this all assmbled and painted in just a couple of days.  (note: We recorded this a couple days after it was released)


If you’re playing blood bowl or still on the fence you’ll want to watch this video!

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Sailor, Solider, Pilot, Photojournalist, Paratrooper, Technician, and Jack of Most of Trades. I consider myself a Blood Angel player, playing Death Company heavy armies. Recently, I've decided all my Blood Angels will fall to the Black Rage.

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