Fall of Cadia Supplement Pictures & Spoilers SPOTTED

By Rob Baer | January 7th, 2017 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

female inquisitor sisters

Come see the new images of the Fall of Cadia supplement that were just spotted from Games Workshop, that tease the fate and contents of the new supplement!

Black library has the goods today on the happenings in Cadia, and things are looking grim for the Imperium indeed.

Checkout these images straight from Games Workshop:





++++++ Caution Spoilers +++++++++




The Lord Castellan Ursarkar E Creed along with Cadia, have perished. The former at the hands of Abaddon himself.

One particular vault indeed….

Big things are happening in this book. Is it the Time of Ending just as Jes Bickham put it in this months issues of White Dwarf?

5 More Big Fall of Cadia Rumors Spoilers Spotted In Jan White Dwarf

January’s White Dwarf is here with some great insight on Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia, and we’ve brought you the pictures to see for yourself.

First off there seems to be little doubt about Cadia’s fate right now:


january white dwarf

Celestine the living Saint is spotted flying into battle, with doves under her wings, roses on her sword, and an army ready to destroy Chaos. The battle report features these two giants of 40k squaring off.
thief or saviour

Even though he is not favored, Trazyn the Infinite shows up with perfect timing in Cadia’s time of need claiming to know the secrets of the Cadian Pylons and how they work. He also releases Greyfax from her Tesseract prison (see 5th Ed Matt Ward Grey Knight and Necron Codex fluff) and she sets about reinforcing the beleaguered imperials.

white dwarf klaisus

This mysterious picture is now explained a bit better:

templars grey fax dark eldar

And it looks like the clues about the mysterious warrior in red were spot on so far:


“Alien Abomination” indeed?

More on the Gathering storm, new rules and more for February. Is something BIG really coming to paint splatter? Maybe a Lord of Change?

feb white dwarf

The Silver Towers are starting to seem like a maze of torture for any and all heroes who enter. The Gaunt Summoner’s amusement is of the utmost importance. Will anyone be fortunate enough to take them down? Or will everyone who enters get stuck roaming their halls as they spread their horrors across the lands?

Disciples of Tzeentch goes on pre-order Jan 7th the same week the Fall of Cadia releases.

shining towers

Bonus spoilers, the Imperial Fist’s Phalanx fortress is on station is Cadia still beset by Chaos and Daemons, as the Guardians of Terra holed up deep within the ship prepare to sell themselves dearly.

The Gathering Storm Continues… Keeping our attention and keeping us guessing for another month. Hopefully some of the questions we still have will be answered in February’s White Dwarf.

templars grey fax dark eldar

The Fall of Cadia Roundup

Pro Tip: Stay Stealth!

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