Green Squadron Pilot: Star Wars X-Wing Tactics

By Barclay Montgomery | January 5th, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0

A Wing 970x545Some recent upgrades in the X-Wing miniatures game make A-Wings scary again! Come and see what I’m talking about in this next article. 

green_squadron_pilotTHe A-Wing is a quick and maneuverable ship, but its 2 attack dice can make it tricky to land damage on your foe. 2 recent Elite upgrades can bump the humble A-Wing to the next level!

a-wing-test-pilotA-Wing test Pilot is an amazing title that affords you the ability to add 2 Elite talents onto a ship. The Green Squadron Pilot os the perfect candidate for this as he is one of the lowest generic pilot skill ship to have an Elite option. SInce we can add 2, let’s add Trick Shot and Snap Shot.

s-l225Trick shot is an amazing new upgrade from the Heroes of the Resistance expansion that allows you to roll one additional attack die whenever your attack is obstructed. This is a great way of hiding behind an asteroid to get another defense die, but also gain an attack die whenever you attack. Next up is Snap Shot.
swx57-snap-shotThis amazing upgrade lets you perform an attack during the activation phase, which is awesome since the ship caught in your cross hairs will have no action to boost their defense. Since the Green Squadron Pilot is PS 3, you have a number of opportunities to perform a snap shot since most ships will activate before it. If a ship flies to close, blast him out of the sky!

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