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TzeentchLet’s finish off our Age of Sigmar, Your First 1,000 point series with Daemons of Tzeentch, and as there is no getting started set this is very flexible.

Editors Note: As of this writing there was No Start Collecting Tzeentch Box set, however Games Workshop has in fact released  one in between this article going to press.

Start Collecting! Daemons of Tzeentch $85

Start Collecting Daemons Tzeentch

One thing you will need is the Battletomb: Disciples of Tzeentch currently going for about 35 on ebay. This focuses on a daemon army of Tzeentch.

This army is all about range and magic, also ignore summoning as in matched play you have to pay reserve points to summon units. A lot of the units do have add models (pink horror icon bearer) which lets you replace dead models with new ones. (See using 1’s in your destiny dice for battleshock tests) So let’s jump right into it and get your two battle line units. Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (15 for 10 on eBay) are your base troop and while pretty expensive they are pretty unique in that they can cast arcane bolt and mystic shield. This frees up your leaders to cast the better spells available to them in the battletomb. Then because you are Grand Alliance Chaos Allegiance Daemon of Tzeentch you can get a burning chariot (40 on eBay) as a battle line unit.

  • 20 pink horrors of Tzeentch 280 (140 for 10) points battle line 1 of 2 required
  • 1 Burning Chariot of Tzeentch 160 points battle line 2 of 2 required

pink-horror hor daemon chaos

Pink Horrors: Move of 5, save 5+, bravery 10, and 1 wound. These things die easy so keep them out of combat, also with the bravery 10 always choose to roll for battleshock even if there is no point. On a roll of 1 you return a D6 pink horrors back to the unit. (See Destiny Dice pool). They have a range 18 shooting attack hitting and wounding on a 4 for 1 damage. A melee attack that is even worse but these guys should never be in hand to hand combat. What makes them 140 points in that they cast magic so can mystic shield one of your better units, or hit an enemy with arcane bolt. Having 20 or more models gives them a +1 to hit with their range attack.


Burning Chariot: Move of 14 (fly), with 5+ save, 10 bravery, and 6 wounds. It has a range 18 shooting attack that has 6 attacks hitting on 4+, wounding on 3+ for D3 damage. Each unit that suffers a wound from this attack on a 4+ suffers an additional D3 mortal wounds. They have 4 flaming maw melee attacks hitting on 5+ wounding on 3+ for 1 damage. 3 blue horror attacks hitting and wounding on a 5+ for 1 damage. Finally 6 screamer attacks hitting on a 4+ wounding on 3+ for 1 damage (D3 if monster). Finally pick a unit, this flies over, and on a 4 or more it suffers a D3 mortal wounds.

Next you need to get some leaders up in here, starting with the Lord of Change greater daemon of Tzeentch. (Yes I know the new model is super cool but the old one is so cheap on eBay (around 30). You will need to buy a cool looking scepter / rod bit as well to glue into his other hand. And a Herald of Tzeentch on Disk (around 35 on eBay) to zip around the battlefield. Back up the Herald by adding a unit of 3 screamers to max out your points. (20 on eBay)

  • 1 Lord of Change: 300 points leader 1 of 4, Behemoth 1 of 2
  • 1 Herald of Tzeentch on Disk: 120 points leader 2 of 4
  • 3 Screamers of Tzeentch: 140 points, no unit type

lord of change 1 tzeentch disciples

Lord of Change: Is the ultimate spell caster, in that he can cast or unbind 2 spells a turn. Along with that he has a command ability that adds 1 to all casting and unbinding rolls for all daemon Tzeentch wizards within 18 (see pink horrors). On casting / unbinding rolls he can change his lowest dice to match his highest as well. Finally if he unbinds a spell from a Wizard with 9 he learns it and then can cast it. His special spell is value 7 and you roll nine dice, based on a damage table (starts at 3) each die equal to or above that value is a mortal wound. His stats are Move (fly) damage table, save 4+, 10 bravery, and 14 wounds. He has a staff of Tzeentch which has 3 attacks hitting on a 4 wounding damage table for 2 damage. You can give him a sword, use beak and talons, or in this case give him a rod of sorcery. The rod is range 18 2D6 attack hitting and wounding on 3+ for 1 damage. For me keeping him out of combat is key and just let him do his thing with magic and shooting.

horrors heralds

Herald of Tzeentch on Disc: Has a stat line of fly 16 move, 5+ save, 10 bravery, and 5 wounds. He has a range attack of 18 inches, 2 attacks hitting and wounding on a 4+ for 1 damage. Then a staff attack hitting on 4 wounding on 3 -1 rend D3 damage, a dagger attack 2 attacking hitting and wounding on a 4+, and finally disc’s attacks D3, hitting on 4+, wounding on 3+, -1 rend for D3 damage. His unique spell is fun in that you roll 9 dice your opponent rolls one. For everyone one that matches that unit suffers a mortal wound.

Screamers of Tzeentch: Move of 16, 5+ save, 10 bravery, 3 wounds. These guys are fast and basically are there to contest control points and or take out monsters. The perfect body guard for your herald as they zip around the battlefield. They do however die very easily. They have 3 attacks each hitting on 4+, wounding on 3+ for 1 damage, if it is a monster character they do a D3 damage. If within 9 of Daemon Hero of Tzeentch hit rolls of 6 become a 1 to give them some staying power. Also any units they fly over and roll a D6 per screamer that moved over them. On a 6 they suffer a mortal wound.

There you have it, an army that is all about mobility, shooting, and casting magic, for a price of 190 taking into account you need to purchase the battle tomb. You could potentially find these guys in a lot buy (it’s what I did) as a lot of 40k players used to play these and want to sell them.


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