How To Start Age of Sigmar: 1000 Points Daemons of Khorne

Bloodletter badassWelcome to the new year where Khorne rules all! This is going to be a great article to get you started with your Khorne Army! Come see pointers on your first 1000 points!

And while you could start with the start collecting box, this guide steers you away from that and starts you off with the basics. You need 40 bloodletters which run about 15 for 10 on ebay right now.

  • 20 Bloodletters (200 points battle line 1 of 2)
  • 20 Bloodletters (200 points battle line 2 of 2)

The total comes out to 400 points out of the 1000 you need so you have some work to do. On a side note painting these guys is easy all you really need is some shades of red and brass and you are good to go!

Bloodletters: With a move of 5, save of 5+, 10 bravery, and 1 wound, and attack that is 1 attack 4+ to hit, 3+ wound -1 rend 1 damage these guys are not quite the greatest battle line unit. Without some help, more on that later. First they have the hellblade if it hits on a 6 that is a mortal wound with no need to roll for wounds. Then there is the champion who gets the bonus attack and the horn blower who makes enemy units re roll battleshock tests of 1. Then the banner can either be gore drenched (recommended) which on  battle shock roll of 1 they get a D6 back, or bloodsoaked which every time they kill a hero they can add 1 to charge rolls for the rest of the game. Also they can re roll hit rolls of 1 if within a Daemon Hero of Khorne, and here is the really nice thing. If there are 20 or more models you can add 1 to their hit roll, so you are dealing mortal wounds on a 5 or 6.


You now need to round out this force to boost your attacks, and there is nobody better than 2 Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne and there cheap both on ebay roughly 12 a model and in points! Add a bloodscecrator that adds attacks to your guys and your force is starting the pile on the mortal wounds. (10 dollars on ebay) and finally a Slaughterpriest (10 dollars on ebay) or the one that came with the November 2016 white dwarf might still be in stock at your FLGS. Putting you at 780 points.

  • Bloodmaster Herald of Khorne (80 points, leader 1 of 4)
  • Bloodmaster Herald of Khorne (80 points, leader 2 of 4)
  • Bloodsecrator (120 points, leader 3 of 4)
  • Slaughterpriest (100 points, leader 4 of 4)

Bloodmaster: All have hellblades except these have 4 attacks hitting and wounding on a 3+ with -1 rend and 1 damage. After this guy attacks in the combat phase you can pick another bloodletter unit within 8 and that unit can immediately pile in and attack if they have not done so. So if you have charged with this guy and your bloodletters and he goes first he can then let you bloodletters that charged with him go as well. This could potentially destroy any unit before they have a chance to strike back, especially if they are all getting the bonus attack from the bloodsecrator.

Slaughterpriest: Is a solid model with 6 move, 6 wounds, 5+ save, and 8 bravery. The one with hackblade and wrath hammer is the cheap one on ebay which has an attack of 3 attacks hitting on a 3+ wounding on a 4+ for 1 damage. Then a hammer with range 3, D3 attacks hitting and wounding on a 4+ 1 damage. He can unbind spells to protect your bloodletters and he is considered a priest not a wizard so is unaffected by the bloodsecrator. He has two prayers which he can choose one per turn to use and on a 4+ it works, on a 1 he suffers D3 mortal wounds. He has blood boil which is range 16 D6 mortal wounds, or blood bind which causes an enemy unit within 16 to run towards your nearest unit as if it was there movement phase.

Bloodsecrator: should be in the center of your army planting his banner as soon as you think you will be in charging range. With a move of 4 he isn’t going very far, but he has 5 wounds and a 3+ save so he can survive. His attack is 4 attacks with a 3+ to hit and wound, -1 rend 1 damage so not horrible. What he does do is plant his portal when he doesn’t move giving all melee attacks +1 attack, makes all Khorne units immune to battleshock and finally any successful spell cast (remember slaghterpriest is a prayer not spell) must be recast for wizards within 18 of him.

Finally you need some mobility to maybe grab an objective or take out an enemy hero in the back, for that I would grab a unit of 5 chaos knights. (20 on ebay for 5) which puts you at 980 points.

  • 5 chaos knights (200 points no unit type)

Chaos Knights: Move of 10, 3 wounds, 7 bravery, and 4+ save with either chaos glaives or enscrolled weapons. (I like glaives) which on a charge give you 2 attacks hitting on a 4+, wounding on a 3+ with -1 rend and 2 damage. Then the horse which has 2 attacks hitting and wounding on a 4+. The doom knight adds 1 to hit hit rolls, and then the horn bearer adds 1 to run and charge rolls. The banner causes enemy units within 3 inches to suffer -1 bravery, and they also have shields which lets them shrug off mortal wounds on a 5+. Finally they can take a mark (Khorne) so that they get the bonuses from the Bloodscecrator.

So there you have it a skull, murder, death, army in right before the lord of change starts taking over for around 125 dollars. And as they are all mostly red, black, and bronze they can be pretty easy to paint as well!


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