New Blood Bowl Miniatures & FAQ Arrives!


New Dwarven Blood Bowl miniatures and FAQ update just announced! Come find out what you need to know before your next game!

Games Workshop has just put out new FAQ’s for Blood Bowl to clear up some confusion you may have had concerning some rules.

Via Blood Bowl Website

blood bowl new releases

Page 29 – Piling On (Strength) In the second sentence, replace: “You can use a team re-roll to re-roll the Armour roll or Injury roll, but they cannot be modified by any other skills (for example, Claw or Mighty Blow).” With: “You can use a team re-roll to re-roll the Armour roll or Injury roll; if the blocking player has the Loner skill, they must roll as normal to see whether they can use the re-roll.

Just coming to show even a game like Blood Bowl is a team sport. If you carry the Loner title you will roll as normal to see whether or not you can use the reroll during a pile on.

Page 36 – Stand Firm (Strength) In the penultimate sentence, “Defender Down results” should read “Defender Down and Defender Stumbles results”

Now the defender is not only knocked down but is forced to stumble as well. This could play a huge roll into your planning of moves and overall strategy as to where you want to send the defender in order to make a hole.

Also, the new Dwarven units are finally here and will be available for purchase next month! Let’s take a look.Blood Bowl DwarfBlood Bowl DwarfBlood Bowl DwarfDwarves6

The core team will be plastic, and available in all the usual locations, with Star Players provided by Forge World available soon after.

Head on over to Spikey Bits Hobbies for the rest of the pictures of the new Dwarven miniatures being release for Blood Bowl.

As always we would love to hear what you have to think about the latest update, please leave it in the comments below.

Pro Tip: Stay Stealth!


Blood Bowl Roundup

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