Ork Hawk Down – Warcopter Conversion Corner

ork warcopter

The folks over at White Metal Games have brought us another amazing conversion. Come check out their latest Ork Warcopter!

This project came about when a client asked us to do a copy kit bash of a model featured here, the Gears of Waagh.

ork warcopterFollowing the basic guide on that page, we started with a 1/35 scale ‘Black Hawk’ Helicopter kit and bashed the majority a battle-wagon to plate the model.
ork warcopterA heat gun was used to bend panels around the shape of the chassis, and then hundreds of other bits were used to close the gaps. The blades detach for storage and it’s based on a 170mm oval, making it the largest flyer this side of a Thunderhawk.
ork warcopter

I love the smell of promethium in the morning!

Keen lookers will be bits from a Stormraven, Trukk, Dreadnoughts, and Robogear.  Check out the complete 360 view video of this model here!

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-Caleb Dillon, White Metal Games

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