How To Save Hobby Dollars on Miniature Carrying Cases

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We’re going to be taking a look at how to make the most out of those hobby bucks, while saving a couple, when it comes to carrying cases for your minis.

Let’s talk miniature carrying cases! Battle foams boxes are incredibly expensive and yes while they are amazing there has got to be a cheaper options out there to carry our armies to and from your FLGS.

Enter a handgun case.

These things are great for most small to medium based miniatures and they are super cheap. For 12 dollars on Amazon it fits 40 pink horrors (I counted). Some people like to cut out little holes in them to make everything perfect, but personally, I just lay them sideways and close the lid. Also if you want you can throw a lock on them if you’re afraid about your models getting stolen.

Side note if you’re playing at a store where you’re afraid of your stuff getting stolen you should reconsider where you play.

For medium and small based miniatures there is no need to cut the foam out, just rest the miniatures in the little spaces and close the lid. While it is pretty secure (I have dropped them with 0 damage) it by no means is shockproof. When closing make sure things are arranged so that the glued areas are not taking the force of the foam closing it in.

When closing the lid just make sure no little bits are sticking out or it will clip them (still need to fix that pink horrors tail). Finally throw some stickers on there and label the miniatures inside along with a count. That way when cleaning up you know how many of what model can fit in the case you have and won’t leave anything behind. It also makes the handgun case look a lot less threatening.Lord of Change

Larger models are still at pickle, especially ones with wings (looking at you Lord of Change) in that they do not fit into these smaller cases easily. My only solution for being cheap and easy is to line a smaller cardboard box container with foam. Then put the model in there and stuff a bunch of tissue paper in there so the model doesn’t move. This will stop it from rubbing against things but if you drop it the force of the impact could still break things. That being said this option is less than ideal but it does keep it safe as long as you’re not throwing it around.

There you have it you should still bring super glue with you when you go play because there is always a chance for an arm or leg to fall off. Also if you have a cheap and easy way to store and transport larger miniatures, let me know in the comments section!

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