New Orc & Goblin Miniatures Launch on Kickstarter

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3dartdigital orc & goblin kickstarter

Some new miniatures with interchangeable armour, weapons, and accessories may be headed our way! Fund this Kickstarter to make it happen!

A new Kickstarter from 3DArtDigital is trying to bring us some highly detailed Orc and Goblin miniatures with interchangeable armour, weapons, and accessories! Available in 28mm and larger!

Source: 3DArtDigital (Kickstarter)

3dartdigital orc & goblin kickstarter

This is the first wave of our large size realistic miniatures for collecting and painting, created with the miracle of modern technology.

The series consists of highly detailed sculpts of orcs and goblins with additional interchangeable weapons, armor, and accessories. All parts come together smoothly and easily.

You have an opportunity to flex your creative muscles, as each model kit provides a plethora of extra armor and weapons to create a unique image.

3dartdigital orc & goblin kickstarter

Many of you have expressed an interest in our products, but want them in 28mm size (1:58 scale).

We have listened to you, and now we are proud to present that size as an option for pledging!

The first four miniatures will be two orcs and two goblins. Exhausting attention has been given to proportions, anatomy, balance, selection of position, the nature of each character, and each character’s unique elements.

We will also provide you with the ability to print fully prepared miniatures on your desktop via SLA-DLP 3d printer. We like to keep pace with advances in technology to provide you with the latest options.

3dartdigital orc & goblin kickstarter

Spread the word about this project to your friends and post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and get additional features and free ADD-ONS as stretch goals will be achieved!

Head over to the Orc and Goblin Kickstarter by 3dArtDigital to learn more and make your pledge today!

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