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Welcome to another fantastic Next Level Painting tutorial, Ancient Chinese Techniques for Painting killer gold!

Our Zen Master Kenny Boucher is back with another one of his amazing video tutorials.  With this video Kenny is taking things to the next level, using Army Painter products Exclusively in this tutorial.

Zenital SilverStarting things out is a quick airbrush zenithal layer of Army Painter Bright Silver.  The zenithal Silver layer establishes where the brightest areas of the model will be, this is essentially a pre-shade.  The other benefit of using Silver as a pre-shade is that the metallic paints stick to each other better than other colors.

Dark Gold

Next up Kenny puts down a layer of Army Painter Dark Copper mixed with a touch of their Greedy Gold.  This layer he carefully sprays across the entire model thinly enough that the pre-shade layer is able to shine through.

Zenital Gold

Next up is another Zenithal highlihgt, this time using pure Army Painter Greedy Gold to reinforce the earlier Zenithal layer.

Strong Tone Shade

Warpaints mixing medium is something everyone needs to try, Kenny refuses to use ever use a wash again without mixing in some of this liquid crack!  Mixed with some of the Army Painter Strong Tone (another new favorite of Kenny’s), this is liberally applied to the whole model to ensure global coverage.


Once the shade layer is dry, Kenny returns with a quick edge highlight of the Bright gold, and then hits the tips of the highlights with a mixture of the Bright Gold and Shining Silver.  Boom!  One easy method of painting some amazing gold!

If you’re interested in watching more of these amazing tutorials, check out TheLongWar Painting Network on Twitch!

Check out the entire video here!

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