40k Shocker – Are Square Bases Really Coming to 8th Edition?

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There’s has been some talk about new “square bases” for Warhammer 40k. Come find out the latest info on where bases might be going in the future.

Warhammer Community put out a comedic video about testing “new Warhammer 40,000 rules”. But there’s been talk of new square bases, and images spotted of vehicles on square bases, and now this.

Square Bases

No, No, No, No…. Troll in the Dungeon…

Square Bases

“Warhammer 40k square sided bases coming to a battlefield near you.”

Wait what… Is this really just a joke? What about the picture we’ve seen in our previous post?


Could 8th Edition feature square based tanks?

Tanks on square bases… Comedic video about new 40k rules with square bases as a “heard it here first” ending. Are they just trolling us along?

plastic thunderhawk box

Plastic Thunderhawk: Not Sure if Trolling

We’ve seen them do this before just before a big release, and it ended up being a big update (Dust Bins Video Anyone???). 8th edition is right around the corner and they’ve talked about major rules changes. Could square bases part of those changes we’ll be seeing to make Armor fit into a Age of Sigmar style ruleset??

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