A Scenario With Ideas – Your First Game of Alpha Strike

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Battletech Alpha Strike

So Game Fans, you’ve finally slogged your way through these articles and think you’ve got a grip on the game.  Great, we hope they’ve been helpful.  

Now let’s take a look at playing the game.  Today we’ve got an introductory scenario to get you and a friend started with the game.  This should give you an idea of how the game is played, and we’ll walk you through setting up your table and starting the game.  You’re going to need some things to get started

Things You’re Going to Need

  1. Playing Area:  Most Alpha Strike games are played on a table top surface that’s approximately 4 foot by 6 foot.  If you’ve got a Warhammer table, you’re ready to go.
  2. Terrain:  You’re going to want some terrain features to break up the monotony of the playing area.  I suggest two or three things that can stand in as Forests, and 2 or three things can stand in for Hills.
  3. Dice:  Each player will need at least two six sided dice for the game, and more is usually better.
  4. Miniatures:  You’re going to need something to stand in for your giant stompy robots.  I suggest using the minis included with the Battletech Starter Set, but there are many things that can work in a pinch.  As long as you and your opponent can clearly identify individual units, you’re good to paly.
  5. Tape Measure: Really anything that allows you to measure distances works, but a tape measure is probably the most easily available resource.
  6. Datacards:  You’re going to need a set of datacards to go with the units you and your opponent are using to track damage and other vital information.
  7. Pencils/Pens: if you’re feeling your oats, you can put your datacards in sleeves and use dry erase markers to track damage.  Then it’s an easy fix to wipe them clean.
  8. An Opponent:  Having a friend to play with is usually a lot more fun than figuring this out on your own.
  9. The Alpha Strike Book:  You need the rulebook to play the game.alpha strike cover by flyingdebris

Setting Up

Step 1

The First step in getting ready to play is Choosing an army list.  Now I’m providing an army list for both players, and will provide links for you to print off your stat cards for the game.  These are 150 point lists, using the Early Succession Wars era.  All units are pulled from the General List. (You’ll be able to grab these army lists at the end of the article. Roll 2D6 and the player with the highest total picks which list he or she wants to play.

  1. Army List 1
    1. Dervish:  The Dervish is a Size 2 missile boat with good movement options and does 2 damage at each range.
    2. Centurion:  The Centurion is a Size 2 Brawler with slower movement speeds but a variety of special abilities and the ability to do 3 damage at medium range
    3. Grasshopper:  The Grasshopper is a Size 3 Skirmisher with jump movement and short to medium range firepower.
    4. Atlas:  The Atlas is a Size 4 juggernaut with slower speeds but heavy armor and big guns at short and medium range.
  2. Army List 2
    1. Victor:  The Victor is a Size 4 skirmisher with jump movement and excellent short/medium range firepower.
    2. Battlemaster:  The Battlemaster is a Size 4 Brawler with decent speed and short/medium range firepower. Note: The Battlemaster is a Skill 3 pilot
    3. Catapult:  The Catapult is a Size 3 Missile Boat with the same movement profile as the Victor, and decent firepower at all ranges.
    4. Hunchback:  The Hunchback is a Size 2 Brawler, with heavy short ranged firepower and the same speed as the rest of the lance.Battletech Alpha Strike

Step 2

Placing Terrain and Picking a Home Edge:

  1. For today’s game, the Players are assumed to have two Forest terrain features and two Hill terrain features.  The terrain features should be approximately 4 x 4 inches across.  (Go ahead and cut these out of the material you have that’s handy.)
  2. Players Roll Initiative, and the player who wins gets to place one of the terrain pieces.  Alternate until all pieces are distributed.
  3. The player who placed the first piece of terrain gets to pick a home edge for his or her units.  The second player picks the edge opposite for their home edge. (I recommend the long table edges)

Step 3

Starting Positions:  Typically, Units begin the game off the board and move on during the first turn.  There is also an option for units to start the game within 10 inches of their home edge.  Today we’re going to do a little of both.

  1. The Player who setup the last piece of terrain chooses one of his or her units to place within six inches of his or her home edge.
  2. Then the player who setup the first piece of terrain places one of his or her units within six inches of his or her home edge.
  3. Players repeat this process until both players have two units on the board.  The other two units will move on at the start of the game.

Step 4

Roll Initiative and play the game!

This scenario has the Objective Destroy 3 of your opponent’s mechs.  The first player to do so wins the scenario.  I then suggest the players switch army lists and start over again.


Thoughts and Ideas

This is a sample introductory scenario that you and your friends can learn to play the game with.  I think it gives you a starting place to work from, and you can use the Master Unit List to build your own armies.  If you want to increase the points, you can, but I would increase the number of units that start on the board by an equal number.  (If you add 150 more points, start 2 more units on the table)  I strongly suggest you aim for 4 units in 150 point groupings.  You can also increase the amount of terrain you use, and you can add rivers and other choices as well.

I hope this gives all of you an idea of how to get started playing this game and hope you have fun with it.  Listed below are the links to the Army List files.

Army List 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzVSyoCP1piMbzNpbVpKT1l0Nzg/view?usp=sharing

Army List 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzVSyoCP1piMUTBnT1NIWGh0RTQ/view?usp=sharing

Here’s the Master Unit List itself for all your force building needs: http://masterunitlist.info

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