Dark Angels Lion’s Blade VS. Chaos Traitor Legions

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Welcome back hobby fans! Today we’ve got another kickass battle report featuring the Long War’s Juice, and our challenger Dean!

Dean and Juice are here today to test out the Lion’s Blade detachment in their search for the Fallen.  They’ve tracked down Juice’s Chaos marines and are set for quite the showdown!

Demi Company

Dean is bringing the ever amazing battle demi-company lead by a jump pack Chaplain, and has packed it chock full of plasma weapons!

Alongside the Demi-company is the new Lion’s blade formation. Packing 3 Vindicators and a Land Raider, this is a wall of armored fury to lead the search for the fallen!

Black Legion

Juice is rocking a multi-legion warband consisting of Black Legion, Khorne Berserkers, and Iron Warriors, all lead by Abbadon.

Iron Warriors

Check out these sweet Iron Warriors Obliterators converted out of Centurions!  They’re backed up by yet another Vindicator!  When was the last time you saw 4 Vindicators on the table at once?

Khorne Bezerkers

Always popular with Chaos Warlords, Juice is rounding out his army with two mounted squads of Khorne Berserkers lead by Kharn himself!

Once everyone is setup, Dean is ready to bring the hunt for the fallen right to Juice’s front door!

Who will wind up victorious in this classic 40K showdown?

Check out the whole video here to find out!

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