New Kickstarter Aims To Make An Everlasting Wet Palette!

everlasting wet palette

This new revolutionary wet palette could change how you hobby for ever! Come take a look at the new Everlasting Wet Palette making it’s way to Kickstarter!

This everlasting wet palette should be on everyone’s radar! It is definitely on ours and we have our eyes peeled for the Kickstarter going live!

Source: Redgrass Games


You buy the best brushes, the best paints and the best miniatures, but when it comes to the palette itself, you have to use kitchen parchemin paper or wax paper on a plate.
That’s why we decided to create the world most advanced wet palette with the first ever reusable membrane and air tight box: It will never dry!



  • Hours of wet painting with optimal moisterization for acrylic paint.
  • Fully reusable with hundreds of painting sessions possible
  • Highly stable on the sponge: does not curl, it’s like glued to it
everlasting wet palette


  • Low rise for easy brush access
  • Fully airtight to keep your painting wet in between your work sessions
  • Dishwasher safe, to clean it with a click on a button
everlasting wet palette

Head over to Redgrass Games and sign up for updates on the upcoming Kickstarter for this Everlasting Wet Palette.

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