MDF Pre-Painted Terrain Arrives For Your Tabletop

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Terrain Windows

Welcome back Hobby Maniacs! Today Rob is unboxing some awesome pre-painted terrain from across the pond. Come take a look!

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Our friends over at Terrains 4 Games sent us some of their awesome new Factory and City Ruins to review.  These guys are putting out some fantastic pre-painted laser cut terrain made out of super heavy duty MDF.

Terrains 4 Games

We create, produce and sell terrain models for battle games, historical dioramas, architectural models and landscape models and dioramas on request.

Operating since 2004 and performed at this time thousands of models.

We are one of the oldest and most important companies of its kind in Poland. On our terrains played across the country – in tournaments and conventions, in homes and clubs.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of this amazing product, you can find their website right here!

Combined Sets

These kits are chock full of handpainted details and are specifically designed to accomadate our favorite 28mm scale models.

Factory parts

Each component has numerous additional parts you can use spice up the terrain piece itself, or you can spread them out and create a sprawling zone of factory rubble.

Table SetupMany of the pieces are easily large enough to provide LoS blocking to even the largest of models in the game!Terrain Windows

Check out Rob’s entire video unboxing below to see everything in action!

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