Rapier Replacements GW Doesn’t Want You To See?

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Rapier battery

Today we’re going to be taking a look at some Rapier replacement parts Games Workshop doesn’t want you to see, and possibly save you some hobby dollars!

They’re tanks, they’re guns, they’re tanky little guns, and they can be used by the guard, the marines, and the faithful sons of the true gods, The Dark Angels. (The joke is that they’re traitors.)

They’re cheap on points, but great for firepower, and they look cool as hell. They’re rapiers, and there’s only one little problem with them- You want at least 3 of them, and they come from Great Britain and cost infinite pounds and shipping.

However, The greatest God Emperor of all, the Emperor of the Free Market, has decided that if you don’t want to pay the exorbitant taxes on English tea, you can dump your Forge World resin in the harbor and buy… British resin from not GW? Polish resin? Whatever, it’s not important, the important thing is check out these awesome proxies for rapier weapon tractors from around the galaxy!

legionary heavy weapon platform quad heavy thunder gun

This Kromlech Tractor is designed specifically to replace a rapier, so it’s dimensions are probably perfect. At $22, it’s about half the price of a Forge World rapier. Unfortunately, right now it looks like it only has the Quad Bolter option, but I’m sure Kromlech will get a laser destroyer or a mortar on that thing soon. (They added a laser destroyer the day after I wrote this article, mind blown.)

taurus mk2

These Anvil Industry Taurus Gun Tractors are probably a little too small to be rapiers, as they neatly fit on 40mm bases and rapiers are actually kind of beefy. (The current Forge World ones. These are probably about the size of the old school pewter 2nd ed rapiers, which were basically shopping carts with lasers.) However, at 20 pounds for 5 of them with your choice of weapons, it’s tempting to find a way to make them work, or just use them as sentry guns or booby traps in Kill Team games.

thick box

My personal favorite Rapier proxy is this Puppets War Walker Turret. It looks like a baby Mechanicus dune crawler, which is a nice touch, and the size is right. It’s also nine bucks a unit. The best part? The Puppets War guys actually had the sense to put a 28mm model next to it for scale so you can tell how beefy it is. Kromlech and Anvil, take note.


Here’s a bonus, they’re not rapiers, but orks need guns too. These Miniature Scenery laser cut (yea, those are laser cut!) big guns come three to a pack for 37 bucks. Not bad when the alternative from GW is 46 bucks for one gun sitting on top of a Volkswagen.

save money dollars hobby 40k aos warhammer

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