The Blood Bowl Deathroller is Coming to an Arena Near You!

Blood Bowl DwarfGames Workshop just announced that the Dwarven Deathroller will be coming out later this month. Come take a look at some new pictures!

Warhammer Community just announced that the Deathroller will be released later this month. We saw this guy showcased at this years Open Day, and the wait is finally over.

blood bowl new releases blood bowl new releases

Blood Bowl Deathroller

The Deathroller is a Blood Bowl secret weapon for Dwarf teams, which will let them literally steamroll over enemy players.

Blood Bowl Deathroller

We’ve seen this guy before, at the New Year’s Open Day, but here are a few more angles for those of you who who couldn’t make it.

Blood Bowl Deathroller

This model will be on his way later this month to pre-order. Rules for this ludicrous contraption, and the rest of the Dwarf team, can be found in Death Zone: Season One.

This is an amazing looking model, and something to be feared when you come across it in the Blood Bowl Arena. The Dwarves have been known for their brute force, but this looks like it’s taking it to the next level!

The chances of this guy being in this weeks pre-orders are pretty high. After all, Games Workshop did say he’ll be released later this month, and there’s only this weekend left for releases that are going to make it out for the month of March. Are you planning on picking this model up? Let us know in the comments below!

Blood bowl unboxing

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