What is Privateer Press’ New Approach to Miniature Rules?

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Grymkin Cage Rager

Matthew Wilson announced plans to unite Privateer Press’ game development team and their player community under the Community Integrated Development.

With the new announcement of the Grymkin Army from Privateer press, this latest update is sure to bring a smile to some fans faces. You may have the opportunity to help mold the rules of future models.

Courtesy of Privateer Press:

Well, with an electrifying SmogCon (soon to be Lock & Load Europe) behind us and with Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest revealed as the new HORDES faction, it’s my distinct pleasure to announce that our very first CID cycle will kick off next Monday, March 6, 2017.

On that day, at 10 a.m. PST, Community Integrated Development will go live! You will have the opportunity to get a look at Grymkin models in detail and, if you feel so inclined, to help us put the new Faction through its paces in its final leg of development. Through CID, you can help shape the final models that will hit the tabletop starting at Lock & Load 2017 in July.

Grymkin Rattler


This Friday, our fearless Development Manager Oz Schoonover will be posting an Insider that will cover the nuts and bolts of the CID process as well as several key best practices for providing the most effective and useful feedback. In addition, this Insider will link to our Community Integrated Development How-To PDF, which our intrepid Playtest Coordinator Jack Coleman has labored to put together and polish in recent weeks. This detailed guide to the entire CID process will also be stickied for your convenience on our new CID forum.

Grymkin Warbeast

As part of the launch of CID, we are rolling out a dedicated CID forum, separate and independent from our main forums. The CID forum will be the place to access and discuss the latest CID test rules and to provide feedback, both through discussion threads and via our new CID reporting tool. The Privateer development team will be interacting regularly on this forum, answering questions and partaking in discussion on the latest CID materials.

Privateer Press is doing something extremely creative here, they’re giving you the player the chance to help in designing the rules of future models. Who else knows better at what the player wants to see than the players themselves? This is truly a unique way at going about the rule making process, but can only make things better in the long run. Active feedback from the community is going to make for some really interesting games.

What are your thoughts? Could this backfire on them? Or is this something that more game companies should start thinking about? Let us know in the comments below.

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