4 Hacks To Airbrushing Blue Wings – Tutorial

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Welcome back hobby fans, today Rob is showing us some great hobby hacks to air brushing sweet blue faded wings for all your models!

Today Rob is painting Celestine’s wings and the backpacks of the Geminae Superia from the Triumvirate of the Imperium!  Lets follow along to see how he does it!

First up is a base coat of Kantor Blue.  Rob used the Citadel Air version, which needed a couple of thin layers.  Note that Rob has already painted in the gold parts of the backpack.  There will be some overspray that needs to be cleaned up once the airbrushing is complete.

Kantor Blue

Next, Rob highlights the wings by spraying Lothern Blue along the bottom half.

Lothern Blue

The final Airbrushing step is to add a tiny highlight of Ulthuan Grey at the tips of the wings.

Once the final Airbrushing highlight is complete its time to glaze the wings.  Tying everything together using a mixture of 50/50 Guilliman blue and Rob’s Floor wax additive.

Guilliman Blue

Now that the glaze is dry Rob hits the edges of the wings with a final edge highlight using his brush.  This last highlight is done with Ulthuan Grey and blends into the final highlight.

Ulthuan Edge

Check out the whole video below for more detailed instructions!

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