BREAKING: GW Drops New 8th Edition Teaser Video

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Shadow Falls 8th Edition

Roboute Guilliman is the voice of today’s 8th edition preview from Games Workshop. Are new Space Marines planned for the Indomitus Crusade?We are seeing another great video from Games Workshop with this new 8th edition preview, New Heroes for a Dark Imperium.

Shadow Falls 8th EditionShadow Falls 8th Edition

Space Wolves Getting New Troops Soon?Shadow Falls 8th EditionShadow Falls 8th Edition

Is this an image of new armor?

Shadow Falls 8th EditionShadow Falls 8th EditionShadow Falls 8th Edition

Will the Ultramarines “truest heirs of their existence” be able to stop the forces of Chaos? Or is it too late for Guilliman and his prized Space Marines.

It seems the size of the minis is going to reflect their stature, what do you think? The Ultramarines and Death Guard are showing up hand in hand again with this video, does this mean they will be the new starter?

new 8th edition plastic 40k starter set

GW: Rebooting 40k With New Space Marine Models?

What do you think about everything put out on 8th edition so far? Are you excited for the new edition? Or are you still on the fence and not looking forward to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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