Tombstone 28mm Western Kickstarter Coming Soon

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Black Scorpion miniatures tombstone

Time to step into the wild west with Tombstone! With seven different factions to choose from you’re sure to find one that makes you reach for the sky!

The wild west miniature game Tombstone will be hitting Kickstarter very soon! Get ready for some gun slinging action!

Source: Black Scorpion Miniatures (facebook)

Black Scorpion miniatures tombstone

I’ve set this folder up to start showing the previews for the Tombstone kicksarter. We expect to launch on April 5th, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be previewing the new miniatures.. all 110 of them over 7 factions! Probably a faction every few days. Also previews from the book, details about the game and kickstarter etc.. Tombstone is an old west skirmish game, rulebook (available in English, Spanish, German and French) and miniatures launched via Kickstarter. For now I’ve added some photos of the scenery we used for scenic shots for the book and some play testing. ­čÖé I’m extremely proud of the work that has gone into this project and book and can’t wait to share it with you.

Black Scorpion miniatures tombstone

There are at the current count 110 new 32mm resin miniatures to be launched together. All will be previewed here.

There are 7 different factions: Lawmen, Outlaws, 7th Cavalry, Mexicans, Natives, Undead/Zombie and female gunslingers.

There are 7 different factions: Lawmen, Outlaws, 7th Cavalry, Mexicans, Natives, Undead/Zombie and female gunslingers.

Painted version of the gaming table we used. Gameplay would normally be on a table about twice this size.

All the name signs on the buildings will be available in the book.

Outlaw leader on foot. Each faction consists of of a leader, mounted and unmounted, a deptuy and 3x four miniatures packs. (This is for kickstarter purposes, for gaming you can play with as few as 5-6)

Mounted Outlaw leader. Each faction will have mounted and unmounted versions of the leader. There are four different horse types which will also be available separately. I also hope to make a mounted conversion kit as an extra as it’s not feasible to make mounetd versions of every model.

Outlaw pack 1. All one piece resin miniatures, 32mm scale.

Outlaw pack 2 All one piece resin miniatures, 32mm scale.

Native pack 1. All one piece 32mm resin miniatures.

These are just a few pictures available on Black Scorpion Miniatures’s facebook! Keep an eye out for the Tombstone Kickstarter scheduled to launch on April 5th!

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