Who Ya Gonna Call? – Pic of the Day

slamander-copy1Tyranids about town? Call the Space Marines! But forewarning, they might be at the local bar, so it may take a minute for them to get there.

Starting something by saying “Hold my beer” usually ends badly…


Unless you’re a Space Marine with a bug problem.

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New Dark Angels Top 5 Break Down Episode 131

About James Rodriguez

I’m a huge fan of anything tabletop. I play strictly Chaos in Warhammer, and Imperial in anything Star Wars. I spent 8 years in the military. Now I’m happy to be a civilian working with a great group of people. San Diego born, North Carolina raised, I’m an East Coast guy with a West Coast heart, Raider Nation!
“We are all tyrants. Do not fool yourself. We were bred for nothing else.”

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