It’s Official: Battlescribe Updated To 8th Edition Rules

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Battlescribe is one of the go to apps for list building for a lot of different games, and now you can use it for your 8th Edition 40k lists as well!

Available for MacOS, Windows, and mobile platforms, Battlescribe has become extremely popular in the gaming community. The 8th edition update is going to make building a list and taking it with you easier than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the 8th Edition Update.


For these examples we will be using the Windows version of Battlescribe. You may see some differences on mobile and MacOS.Warhammer 8th List Battlescribe

The PC version makes it really easy to see the forces you can add and how much their point costs are. It automatically sorts it once you pick a unit and add it to your roster, and show you how many points you’ve used so far. Once you’re happy with the roster you’ve made you can view your roster and save or print it for later use.

Typhus Battlescribe

When you open the View Roster section it will give you a breakdown of the different units and rules. This is going to be a great feature to have for your next game, giving you a quick access sheet to the rules you need, without the need of flipping from page to page in your index.

Warhammer 8th List Rules Battlescribe

At the bottom of the View Roster section it’s also going to list and special rules your units may have, and exactly what they do.

The update for the 8th edition Battlescribe file didn’t take long to be released. Overall this is going to be a great tool to have when you decide to sit down and build your roster for your next game. Battlescribe is available for all platforms, so be sure to head over and download your copy today.

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