Detail Overload: Painting Big Blue Without Losing Your Mind

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New 40k Characters Guilliman Wal Hor

Welcome back 40K fanatics!  Today Kenny is back to show us how Next Level Painting handles all those crazy details on the new Roboute Guilliman model!

Today Kenny is back with some Next level Painting tricks to handle the insanity that is the new Guilliman model.  He’s trying to stick as close to the box art as he can for this project.  If you haven’t been following Kenny on Twitch, now is the time to start!  Kenny recently painted all the base blues and a large part of the gold on Guilliman on his twitch stream.

Base colors

Kenny Blocks in the bulk of the details using a variety of methods, this enables him to get a good read on how the model is coming together. Namely he uses the colors of each section to build contrast on the model.

Details level 1

Once the main contrast has been established, Kenny generates more contrast in the model by highlighting and separating each detail from the surrounding sections. This results in each detail really pushing out and emphasizing the this model. Stay tuned for more videos as Kenny works through this amazing model!

Detail Overload

Check out the whole video in the link below for more details!

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