Are These Doodles The New Primaris Aggressor Marines?

By James Rodriguez | June 29th, 2017 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

CenturionSome old Space Marine concept drawings have resurfaced and hobbyists are noticing some similarities with the new Primaris Marines. It’s time to play you be the judge!

Some of Jes Goodwin sketch drawings of Space Marines that were on display during Games Day 2004 are starting to resurface, and they have a striking resemblance to the description of the new Aggressor Primaris Marines. Could these be the inspiration for the old Centurions, the new Aggressors or both?

The following images were spotted over on Dakka Dakka.

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Aggressor Squad

An Aggressor Squad is a Primaris Space Marine unit, that is equipped with shoulder mounted missile racks, that are reloaded from internal armour stores located within the Agressors’ Gravis power armour. They also wield Flame Gauntlets, that billow forth burning promethium.

aggressor sketch

Ultramarines Captain 8th

So imagine this Captain in Gravis armor crossed with what a Centurion? Boom goes the dynamite for sure.

These sketches from Jes Goodwin really make you wonder how long Games Workshop has been considering using this style for the Space Marines, they were on display almost thirteen years ago. No matter what, it’s always nice to see the visions that these artist have for the future of Warhammer. So we ask again, were these sketches the inspiration for the new Primaris Marines? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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