Hobby Showcase: Looted Orky Knight Titans!

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ork garant armageddon

Welcome back 40K fans!  Today we’ve got some killer looted Knight titans brought to us from our friends over at the Wobbly Modelers!

Our friend Kelsey over at the Wobbly Modelers loaned us these amazing Ork Knight Titans so we could show them off to you!

Covered in tons of cool conversions and painted up in the Bad Moons paint scheme, these Ork Knights are ready for fun and explosions on the table top!


This Knight even has an open cockpit with an Ork pilot sticking his head out over the face of Gork…  Or is that the face of Mork?


These conversions are chock full of awesome details like these Grot Oilers and their service station!

Grot OilersCheck out the entire video below for more details!

You can see more from our friends at the Wobbly Modelers on their Facebook page.

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