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Games Workshop shored up the new Dark Imperium starter set as well with a new FAQ for the Primaris and Death Guard models inside.

The new Dark Imperium starter set has only been released for two weeks, and already Games Workshop has an update for questions that some hobbyists have posed about the new set:

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Pages 18, 19, 20 and 21 – Datasheets, Abilities Add the following ability to the datasheets for the Lord of Contagion, Malignant Plaguecaster, Noxious Blightbringer and Plague Marines in the Dark Imperium Death Guard booklet: ‘Death to the False Emperor: Each time you roll a hit roll of 6+ for a model with this ability in the Fight phase, it can, if it was targeting an Imperium unit, immediately make an extra attack against the same unit using the same weapon. These extra attacks cannot themselves generate any further attacks.’

And perhaps more importantly the points differences that were notices as soon as the index books hit:


Q. The points values for certain units is different in the Index books to the Dark Imperium booklets. Which should I use?

A. Use the values printed in the Index books.

8th edition versus horThere is lots more FAQ’s as well, because Games Workshop just dropped one for each of the index books as well

New Warhammer 40k FAQ Arrives From GW

Is it time to revise how your playing 8th Edition? Good guy Games Workshop has players covered this week with FAQs for all 5 index books:


Checkout the latest from Games Workshop:

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To help you with this, we’ve assembled our first FAQ, working with our game designers and playtesters to answer as many of your questions as possible. We’ve covered a range of queries, from the regular housekeeping (What is 1″, exactly?) to the incredibly specific (Can a Necron Warrior reanimate if it’s already enjoying a new un-life as a Poxwalker?) – you can download it here:

Download the Core Book FAQ

Download the Index Chaos FAQ

Download the Index Imperium 1 FAQ

Download the Index Imperium 2 FAQ

Download the Index Xenos 1 FAQ

Download the Index Xenos 2 FAQ

Tons more I am sure are on the way from this one folks, keep your eyes peeled as we break these bad boys down one by one. Thanks to Games Workshop for dropping these FAQs for us, and continuing to take the lead by being responsive and listening to the community.

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