New Primaris Captain & Librarian Rules FAQ SPOTTED

Librarian tiggy walpaper satThe new Primaris Captain & Librarian are now on pre-order for next week, and good guy GW already has a FAQ to better familiarize us with the new rules.

The new FAQ was spotted on Warhammer Digital, and goes over point values for the models and weapons, as well as a couple special rules that come along with them. Let’s take a look at the new sheet.

New Primaris Models FAQ So the new Captain is coming out at 87 points per model, while the Librarian is 93 points, neither of these values include wargear. The only weapon we’re seeing on the list is the Master-crafted stalker bolt rifle and it’s going to cost you 5 points to bring that. Both of these models can be added to the list of units from the Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and Deathwatch.

  • The Dark Angels Primaris Librarians gain the Deathwing keyword and Unforgiven ability.
  • The Space Wolves Primaris Librarians generate their powers from the Tempestas discipline instead of the Librarian discipline.

Games Workshop did a great job at releasing this FAQ before the models were released. Hopefully this will be something that they continue in the new 8th edition. What do you think about the two new models and their FAQ? Let us know in the comments below.

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