14 Missing Units From Codex Space Marine

By Rob Baer | July 28th, 2017 | Categories: News / Rumors, Space Marines, Warhammer 40k

primaris ultras

After looking through the new Codex: Space Marine we noticed there were a couple things missing from the book. Come find out just what units were left out!

Overall after reading the rules for the first Codex of 8th I am 100% impressed with both the layout and level of clarity this rules set seems to exhibit at a first glance. Reading it was a cinch and for the most part I was only puzzled by things that needed to be cross referenced from the datasheets themselves to be quickly understood.

So A+ to Games Workshop for the new Codex Space Marines.

Now onto the changes…

The winds of change are blowing out of Nottingham as there are at least 14 Space Marine units missing from the Codex book that were included in the Index Imperial I. Did you favorite units make the cut?

Index Imperium 1


Missing From Index Imperials I:

  • Tyrannic War Vets
  • Terminus Ultra
  • Marneus Calgar In Power Armor
  • Khan (on Moondrakken)
  • Damned Legionnaire Squad
  • Librarian on Bike
  • Techmarine on Bike
  • Apothecary on Bike
  • Ancient on Bike
  • Company Champion on Bike
  • Veteran Squad on Bike
  • Imperial Space Marine (Exclusive Figure)
  • Rhino Primaris (Warhammer World Exclusive)
  • Land Raider Excelsior (Warhammer World Exclusive)

Keep in mind from a hobby perspective some of these changes seem to be made to closely mirror what is currently available model wise from Games Workshop.

How about you, what missing units did you notice? Or were you able to find any of these units and if so what page number were they on?

Be sure to check back soon for our big changes to wargear and unit options post on the squads and vehicles that did make the cut into the very first codex of 8th edition.

Page Primaris Head

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