Keep Your Wounds With Battle Counter Dials

By Barclay Montgomery | August 6th, 2017 | Categories: BITS, Hobby Products, Puppetswar, Warhammer 40k

The maelstrom of battle can be a tricky place to keep an account of what goes down on the battlefield. Puppetswar has got you covered with their useful Battle Counter. 

Battle Counter $21.16

Set contains five battle counters (15 resin parts and 20 5x1mm magnets). Counters are designed to show numbers from 0 to 99. To assemble the counter, glue the magnet to each resin part so that it connects to the other magnet in the desired position,

These Battle Counters can keep track of victory points, wounds, are anything else that you need to keep track of. Grab one today to make number crunching fun!

Math can be fun!

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