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By James Rodriguez | August 4th, 2017 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

Sold Out TyphusThe Warhammer craze has been going non stop since the release of 8th edition, is Games Workshop is having a hard time keeping up?

For a game company as big as Games Workshop you would think they would be able to keep up with demand. But that’ seems to not be the case, as we’re seeing more items selling out in their online store and multiple retailers have confirmed with us that they are only getting in fractions of the items they ordered on each weekly shipment.

It has also been reported to us that more and more items are being removed from the hobby line and being reserved back to ATO, and Web Exclusives only, which as these same stores point out only hurts their businesses more.

One retailer even commented the his rep told them that “We had no idea 8th Edition would be this big”

A reader over on Faeit 212 put together a list of what is currently sold out on Games Workshop that he noticed.

There are a lot more models going the way of the Sold Out list. Some aren’t even that old yet!

Grey Knights
Castellan Crowe

Grey Knight Castellan Crowe
Space Wolves
Space Wolves Wolf Guard
Space Wolves Transfer Sheet
Dark Angels
Dark Angels Transfer Sheet
https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Dark-Angels-Transfer-SheetAstra Militarum
Cadian Heavy Weapons
Imperial Knights
Knight Errant
Chaos Space Marine
Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar Succubus
Tyranid Swarm

It’s almost shocking how many things are sold out on the Games Workshop webstore. But, what does this mean for FLGS around the globe?

We’re starting to see a big spike in prices on eBay because people just can’t get their hands on models, and are willing to pay more to get the items they want.

stormraven scalper

The demand is there but the supply isn’t. Hopefully Games Workshop gets their production issues fixed soon, this could ultimately hinder community growth while apparently skyrocketing stocks?

What do you think about the latest list of sold out items? Is the lack of certain products enough to scare new players away? Let us know in the comments below.

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