Painting Marble is Secretly Easy: Basing Tutorial

By Guest Author | August 10th, 2017 | Categories: Basing, How To Tutorial, Next Level Painting, Videos

 Have you ever wondered how to paint awesome marble bases for when you want to have your models in a temple?  Look no further!

Welcome back 40K fanatics! Today Kenny has a fantastic tutorial on how to paint your very own marble bases for your 40K army

Starting off Kenny base coats the model with an off white color.  In this case he uses a grey with a touch of blue in it to create some contrast with the warm tones we’re going to be using later.

Base Warm Color

Once a solid base color with some warm highlights is finished it’s time to start on the details.  Kenny mixes up a warm grey with a lot of mixing medium to glaze all the chips and damage to the marble stairs.  When the glaze is dry its time to drybrush the whole base with a true white color.


Now Kenny begins to paint the streaks and veins in the marble itself.  Using extremely thinned down greys and browns Kenny slowly builds up the details.  Occasionally feathering some of his original warm off white onto the base to add a sense of depth to the streaking.


After a few rounds of light streaking it’s time to add in some darker more crisp streaks to finish things up.  Another light round of Airbrushing to feather things out, and some black paint on the edge of the base and it’s all done!

Finished Product Check out the whole video in the link below for the full tutorial

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