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Codex Chaos Space Marine Grey KnightWe’re starting to see rumors surrounding the Grey Knights and CSM codexes. Come take a look at the latest rules from both books.

The latest rules rumor was spotted over on Blood of Kittens, but the original source remains a mystery. These are just rumors-ish (there are a lot of verified rules as well from GW themselves), so make sure you add a pinch of salt. It’s also possible that these items have been complied from other sources not yet available like the AUG White Dwarf.

Also note the new World Eaters teasers are not listed.


New Psychic Powers

  • Vortex of Doom:


  • Finest Hour: 2CP Use at the start of your turn. A single Character can double the range of any aura ability on its datasheet to 12″ for this turn.
  • Mental Focus: 1CP Cast an addition psychic power in the psychic phase.
  • Psychic Channelling: 1CP When attempting a psychic power roll 3 dice and pick the two highest.
  • Armoury of Titan: 1/3 CP Your army can take an extra relic or two extra relics for 3 CPs. All relics must be given to different characters.

Leaked Rules

  • Grand Masters can take Nemesis Dreadknight Armour.

So, according to BOK, we’re getting our first look at 4 new Stratagems for the Grey Knights, and the Grand Masters will be able to take Nemesis Dreadknight Armor. But they didn’t stop there, they also put out a compilation of rules from the Codex: Chaos Space Marines as well.

Legion Tactics: Only Infantry, Bikes, and Dreadnoughts have access to Legion Tactics.

  • Night Lords: Models in enemy units must subtract 1 from Leadership for each unit with this Trait within 6″ of theirs to a maximum of -3
  • Iron Warriors: Enemy units attacked by units with this Trait do not gain any saving throw bonuses for being in Cover. You can re-roll failed wound rolls when targeting a Building
  • Emperor’s Children: Units with this Trait always fight first in the Fight Phase even if they didn’t charge. If enemy units have charged or have similar ability alternate units to fight starting with player whose turn is taking place.
  • Black Legion: +1 to morale and when a unit with this advances all of their rapid fire guns become assault.
  • World Eaters: Units that charge make an additional melee attack”
  • Word Bearers: Re-roll any morale checks
  • Alpha Legion: -1 to hit at 12″ or more
  • Renegades: Can Advance and Charge in the same turn.

Chaos Mark Bonuses:

  • Mark of Slaanesh:
  • Mark of Khorne:
  • Mark of Tzeentch:
  • Mark of Nurgle:

Psychic Powers:

  • Diabolic Strength: WC 6 Select a model within 12″ of the Psyker. Unit the start of the of your next psychic phase add 2 to the model’s strength and 1 to its attacks.

Chaos God Specific Psychic Powers:


  • Slaanesh:
    • Delightful Agonies: WC 6 Select a visible Slaanesh unit within 18″ of the Psyker. Unit the start of your next Psychic phase ignore wounds of +5
  • Tzeentch:
    • Weaver of Fates: WC 6 Select a visible Tzeentch unit within 18″ of the Psyker. Until the start of your next Psychic phase you can add 1 to any invulnerable saves taken for that unit. Models that do not have an invulnerable save gain +5 invulnerable save.

Legion Specific Relics:

  • Iron Warriors: Flesh Metal Exoskeleton gives the bearer a 2+ save. In addition, the model heals 1 wound at start of each of your turns.
  • Night Lords: Claws of the Black Hunt + Attack +1 Str, AP -3, D3 Re-roll failed to wound rolls

Legion Specific Warlord Traits

  • Iron Warriors: Friendly Iron Warrior unit within 6″ of your Warlord automatically pass Morale tests.
  • Night Lords: Once per battle you can re-roll a single to hit roll, wound roll, damage roll, advance, charge roll, or saving throw.


  • Veterans of the Long War: CP? +1 to wound rolls

Chaos Legion Specific Stratagems:

  • Slaanesh Endless Cacophony: 2 CP use this at the end of your Shooting phase. Select Slaanesh Infantry or Biker unit that unit can immediately shoot again
  • In Midnight Clad: 1 CP When a Night Lord infantry unit is targeted by a shooting attack for the rest of the phase your opponent must subtract 1 from all hit rolls that target that unit.
  • Fury of Khorne: CP3 At the end of the Fight phase attack for additional time.

We’re seeing a TON of rules for the Chaos Space Marines, and, if the rumors are true, it’s looking like the Imperium is going to have their hands full. Veterans of the Long War is a Stratagem that gives +1 to wound rolls, but there’s a big question mark next to the Command Points cost.

What do you think about the latest Grey Knight and CSM rumors? Let us know in the comments below.

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