8th 40k Birthday Release Lineup for GW Stores

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The Birthday Battle Brother is here and will be crashing parties with presents at GW stores across the world during their anniversary celebrations. 

Games Workshop store birthdays offer a lot of swag exclusive to one day a year at each GW store. Games Workshop: Freeway V is celebrating there’s on the 28th of September and was more than happy to show off the swag they will have available for visitors, as well as what you have to do to get these items.

GW Birthday Primaris Cap Ltd

Clad in the new Mk X armour and wielding the classic power fist and plasma pistol combo, this guy will look right at home next to your new Dark Imperium Primaris Space Marines. As there is no Chapter-specific iconography on the miniature, you can very easily use this guy in a range of Space Marines forces. Using him in your games is easy too, as full rules are included with the model.

This captain will be available the world over, wherever there’s a Warhammer or Games Workshop store, and because these will be available for a whole year, everyone will have a chance to get their hands on one.

He’s not the only special product available at your local store anniversary though.

Also exclusive to those weekends will be a painting mat, brush wallet, ‘Eavy Metal Dice (literally) and a Warhammer 40,000 Artbook.

Store Birthday Primaris Space Marine Captain $35

Our Birthday miniature this year is the Primarius Captain with Power Fist for $35 to purchase directly can be earned for free by spending $195 in store on other items. These are not limited to one per customer. (Purchasing a Primarius Captain does not count towards the $195 price to get the model as a give away item)

Citadel Painting Mat $25

GW Birthday Emp Prot Paintmat

The Citadel Painting Mat will be our most limited item as we are only getting two for the store.

This is a rubberized mat that allows you to turn any surface into a paint station. The lip on the edge of the mat helps control spills and it rolls up for easy storage.

Citadel Brush Wallet $20

GW Birthday Emp Prot Brush

This is the Citadel Brush Wallet. It’s a zippered carry case for your brushes with an Aquila on the front designed to carry a full set of Citadel Brushes (not including the Scenery Brush)

‘Eavy Metal Dice $18

GW Birthday Eavy Met Dice

Our first set of Metal dice since the 25th anniversary of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. These are a great collectors item featuring the “Eavy Metal logo.

The Emperor Protects Art Book $50

GW Birthday Emp Prot Book

$50 The Emperor Protects Art Book features both new and classic artwork form across the universe of Warhammer 40,000, in full color Hardback with art finish pages.

Giveaway Pack 1

Giveaway Pack 1

Giveaway pack 1 includes 4 art prints (2 each from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer: 40,000) in a cool new carrier bag. This item is avalible as a bonus give away when Purchasing $65 or more, the $90 is the Canadian price not US.

Giveaway Pack 2

Giveaway Pack Two

Give away Pack Two includes a Pack Inquisition themed Playing Cards, and Inquisitorial Notebook, a Chaos Star sticker, and a small Shoulder Bag with an Inquisition logo.

This pack can be acquired by spending $130 in store, the $170 shown is the Canadian price not the US.

Games Workshop is stepping up their swag game, and giving everyone a great reason to celebrate the opening/anniversary of their local GW stores! Make sure you check in with your local GW and see when their next anniversary is to ensure you get your fair chance at these great new exclusive products.

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