Amazing Thanquol & Boneripper in Sculpted Sewer

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thanquil & boneripper painted top miniaturesDon’t miss this amazing Grey Seer Thanquol on Bone Ripper from the GW “End Times” model range that was made into an amazing centerpiece

Welcome back hobby fanatics! We just had to show you this amazing Grey Seer Thanquol and Bone Ripper from our friends over at Top Miniatures!

Not only did they paint it to an amazing standard, but they also gave it a sweet custom base complete with sewer sledge and more.

Thanquol Glamour

Every part of this model is covered in exquisite details, from the chainmail on Bone Ripper’s neck, to the glowing Warpstone antlers on Thanquol’s head!

Bone Ripper Glamour

The custom sewer base filled with Warpstone tainted slime and crawling with a swarm of Rats really sells the whole thing.  Can you image encountering this monstrocity in a dark sewer?

Check out the whole video in the link below for more details!

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